Publishing Your Plugin

Publishing your plugin on the site is a three step process:

link Add a Service Hook

First, you'll need to enable the jQuery Plugins service hook on GitHub. On the settings page for your repository, click the Webhooks & Services link, then click the Configure services button. Scroll down to find the jQuery Plugins service and enable it (there's no config, just check the Active checkbox and click the Update settings button).

link Add a Manifest to your Repository

The jQuery Plugins Registry will look in the root level of your repository for any files named *.jquery.json. You will want to create *yourplugin*.jquery.json according to the package manifest specification. Use an online JSON verifier such as JSONlint to make sure the file is valid. You are now ready to publish your plugin!

link Validate Your Manifest File Here

Upload your manifest file to check for common errors:

Since this tool uses the new HTML5 FileReader API to look at the file contents without actually uploading your file to the server, you'll need a modern browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or IE10.

link Publishing a Version

After the service hook is setup and your manifest has been added, publishing your plugin is as simple as tagging the version in git and pushing the tag to GitHub. The service hook will notify the plugins site that a new tag is available and the plugins site will take care of the rest!

$ git tag 0.1.0
$ git push origin --tags

The name of the tag must be a valid semver value, but may contain an optional v prefix. The tag name must also match the version listed in the manifest file. So, if the version field in the manifest is "0.1.1" the tag should be either "0.1.1" or "v0.1.1". If the manifest file is valid, the version will be automatically added to the plugins site.

The registry does not support re-processing tags that it has already seen. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you do not overwrite old tags. Instead, update the version number tag in the manifest, commit, and create a new tag to fix any errors you've encountered.

For example, you've pushed version v1.7.0 of your plugin, but there is an error detected in the manifest. If you fix the error, delete, re-create, and push another v1.7.0 tag, the registry will not detect it. You will have to create and push v1.7.1.

link Troubleshooting

If you have problems with your plugin not publishing you should check the error log for hints on what the problem might be.

If you still encounter trouble getting this process to work with your plugin, please join the IRC channel #jquery-content on freenode. If you can't seem to connect with someone in the IRC channel, please feel free to email us at

link How long should the process take

When everything works, this process is pretty close to instant. There are caches in place, etc, but in general, if you haven't seen your plugin get updated on the site within 5 minutes, there is a good chance something went wrong. Going into your Web Hooks settings and hitting the "Test Hook" button (once) may help if you recently pushed a new tag.