jQuery Brightcove

Brightcove MAPI wrapper for jQuery


jQuery plugin for dispaying JSON responses on a Table.

Tumbles Youtube Plugin

jQuery Plugin which grabs Youtube video data using the v2 youtube data API. Displays the results using HTML templates loaded by AJAX.


jQuery widget for testing and documenting APIs

jQuery.channel – smart pub/sub

jQuery.channel is a complete pub/sub implementation build on top of jQuery.Callbacks. It preserves the jQuery-chain! $(‘div’).channel(‘subscribe’ … ) and you can use regular expressions (containing*) as wildcards begining on the starting position within the string. So it’s possible to subscribe to multiple channels with just one call: $.channel(‘subscribe’,’CHANNEL/SUB.*’,myFunction)

jQuery InstaPull

jQuery plugin for pulling Instagram photos according to tag and likes into a specified container.


Facebook javascript developement starter kit