jPlayer : HTML5 Audio & Video

jPlayer allows you to create a media player with a consistent interface and experience across all browsers.


JavaScript plugin for playing sounds on user actions and events. Today websites are full of events (new mail, new chat-message, content update etc.). Often it is not enough to indicate this events only visually to get user attention. You need sounds! This library, made for playing small sounds, will help you with this task.


jQuery Web Audio library designed for games.

jQuery mb.miniAudioPlayer

This plugin let you add a minimal full featured player that takes advantage of the new HTML5 AUDIO tag with a flash fallback for browsers that don’t support it. It is built on the jPlayer library


The jQuery HTML5 Audio Player with Flash Fallback.

jQuery based library to manage video and audio html5 elements

jQuery Videosequence

jQuery plugin for creating video and audio sequences with media source extensions.