jQuery Disable Autocomplete

This jQuery plug-in enforces the autocomplete=off HTML attribute on password (and other) fields. Recent browsers have chosen to ignore this attribute in favor of user preferences. However, some financial (and other) institutions may have good reasons to enforce this practice.

jQuery HTML5 Form

jQuery HTML5 Form Plugin


Automplete drop-down lists the details in a table format. The plugin is useful when multiple details has to be displayed.

jQuery datalist

Simple plugin to displays HTML5 datalists in a uniform way across browsers.

Tag Handler NG

Tag Handler is a jQuery plugin used for managing tag-type metadata. This plugin is a fork and rewrite of Mark Jubenville original Tag-Handler.

jQuery tryonline

An autocomplete control with only one line interface (No dropdown|select|combobox control). Ideal for compact designs

Autocomplete 2

jQuery UI subclass of autocomplete with a variety of additional capabilities.

jQuery Email Autocomplete

A jQuery plugin that suggests and autocompletes the domain in email fields.