Scroll up bar

The scroll up bar plugin (jQuery) hides the top bar when scrolling down, and show it when scrolling up.

jQuery Open Carousel

A carousel that’s as easy to customize and configure without javascript as it is to hack for any specific use

jQuery Foobar

Display a custom bar on the fly

jQuery BarGauge

Small jQuery Plugin to display a Progress / Bar Gauge

ProgressBar – jQuery Tiny Progress Bar

ProgressBar is a tiny and simple jQuery plugin that displays status of a determinate or indeterminate process.

jQuery progress bar

Simple jQuery Progress bar, Footprint < 1KB

Stepwise Progress Bar

Dynamically renders a progress bar with numbered steps.

Table Bar Chart

Simple jQuery plugin to render a bar chart from existing contents. Very easy to use.


A jQuery plugin that converts markup to canvas bar or pie charts.

Smooth Navigational Menu

Smooth Navigation Menu is a multi level, CSS list based menu powered using jQuery that makes website navigation a smooth affair. And that’s a good thing given the important role of this element in any site. The menu’s contents can either be from direct markup on the page, or an external file and fetched via … Continue reading