jQuery Bootstrap Notify

jQuery plugin to create Bootstrap 3.x alerts.

Bootstrap Theme Switcher

jQuery plugin for dynamically loading Twitter Bootstrap themes from Bootswatch. This plugin allows for the automatic populating of UL and SELECT elements with the names of themes available, can switch a theme, save the selected theme to a cookie and load the selected theme from a cookie.

jQuery Pane

A jQuery UI widget which allows you to present entry points (or windows) into your data that can be served up from a server action or from static HTML (similar to a portlet in portal technology). Backed by jQuery’s AJAX libraries, each pane acts independently from other panes — achieving a clear separation of concerns … Continue reading

Knockout Extend

jQuery plugin to make Mask with Globalization and visual elements like Date.


A jQuery plugin to easily create a Bootstrap-friendly table with selectable rows.


This is a simple upload form for twitters bootstrap 3, it’s all written in javascript.

jQuery Bootstrap Form Builder

This is a tiny jQuery library which helps users create Bootstrap forms without the headache.

jQuery Report

With this plugin you can create super reports in no time.

Twitter Bootstrap Flickr Carousel

Twitter Bootstrap Flickr Carousel is a jQuery plugin that uses the power of the Twitter Bootstrap Carousel plugin to cycle through images on Flickr.