jQuery fastClick

Work around some mobile browser’s 300ms delay on the click event

jQuery finderSelect

jQuery Plugin for activating file explorer type selecting to all elements supports Ctrl+Click, Command+Click, Ctrl+Drag, Command+Drag and Shift+Click.

jQuery Superclick Menu Plugin

Superclick is a jQuery drop-down menu enhancement plugin sharing many of Superfish’s features but focusses solely on click events to open and close submenus.

Unified mouse and mobile touch input events

Use this plugin to handle both keyboard-mouse and mobile touch motions with a unified set of events. It is currently being used in a commercial SPA and is featured in the book [Single page web applications – JavaScript end-to-end](http://manning.com/mikowski). Supported motions for both desktop and touch devices include tap, long-press, drag, long-press-drag, and zoom. See … Continue reading


Bind to the `multiclick` event, a custom DOM-like event generated using jQuery’s Special Events API. The `multiclick` event triggers when the user clicks within the bound element a configurable number of times.


jQuery plugin to select all test in a textbox when it is focused


Predict and prevent x-clicks. X-clicks are unexpected and tricky click events that are triggered in Internet Explorer only, when the mousedown and mouseup events are triggered on two different elements.

jQuery Mobile Fast Buttons

Removes the 300ms delay in some browsers (like iOS) by simply replacing default click events with jQuery Mobile’s vclick

jQuery Reactify

jQuery plugin that makes browser click events trigger immediately on iOS and Android..

Data Attribute Events

Bind javascript events to the data attribute