jQuery matchHeight

A more robust equal heights plugin for jQuery

Mosaic Flow

Pinterest like responsive image grid for jQuery that doesn’t suck.

jQuery eqHeight.coffee

eqHeight.coffee is a jQuery plugin that stretches fluid columns to equal height.


Equalize column heights across multiple rows, on page resize. It can also be based on a minimum or maximum set height.

jQuery Columns

A jQuery plugin to create a HTML tables from a JSON data source. It supports paging, searching, sorting, and theming. Columns is flexible and extensible with an API and support for plugins and custom templates.

jQuery Equalizr

Easily create columns of the same height!

jQuery equal height columns

This plugin gets the list of columns with different height, takes the smallest column and than assign that height to other columns by removing some text for each column and you have option to add three dots at the end.

jQuery Dual Columns

JQuery plugin that automatically changes short text to columns w/o the hassle of having white space in your container.

jQuery Equal Height Columns

This jQuery plugin sets all of the passed jQuery collection of elements to have the same height.


A jQuery plugin that sets the height of each element in a group to the height of the highest element. It is responsive, so it keeps working when you resize your window.