A simple customizable tooltip with confirm option and effects

jQuery A+

jQuery A+ is an unobtrusive script that adds useful features to A tag allowing webpages to maintain compatibility with HTML standards. The script syntax is compatible with all HTML / XHTML standards. For example, you can open link in a new window/tab (like target=_blank) without invalidating the HTML code.

jQuery confirmOn

A jQuery plugin for adding an easy ‘are you sure’ confirmation pop-up before an event handler is called

jQuery MsgBox

The Message box for web, Firefox style, User notification made simple.

jQuery confirm on exit plugin

Ask user if he wants to quit a webpage with unsaved changes.

DP Prompt

A jQuery Plugin which creates a popup widget prompting the user for more information or to confirm or deny something.

jQuery Confirm

jQuery plugin in order to replace the confirm() javascript method with jquery-ui dialog.

jQuery Confirm Action

jQuery plugin that extend standard confirm dialog. Provide callback and can be also configured for each element through data attributes.

jQuery MessageBox

jQuery plugin for creating own message box


A super simple dialog library for those who were fed up with the complex source code