Card Deck Slideshow

This content slideshow script utilizes CSS3 transform to rotate and “unhinge” each slide to show the next, similar to a stacked pile of cards. At the heart of it all, however, is a versatile slideshow that supports both auto and manual mode, persistence of the last viewed slide, inline or ajax content, and more.

jQuery contentEditable

Automatically adds events on ‘contenteditable’ fields and returns the changed data for further processin…


Small 344 bytes Accordion jQuery Plugin


Less than 1kb jQuery plugin for transform content into tabs.

Box Respond

BoxRespond adds classes to HTML elements depending on their current width, allowing you to write styles that depend on the width of the box rather than the browser.


Small 318 bytes jQuery Plugin for create slides.


jQuery plugin for a simple rectangular display of an image, some text, and a link to more info.


Simple small 1 kb jQuery Plugin for create a hover effect.

Content Cycle

Content Cycle is a jQuery Plugin that allows content to be cycled with a fade-out fade-in transition.


jQuery plugin for a very basic horizontal content slider