Redraws the pages of the internet

Devrama Image/HTML Slider

‘Devrama Slider’ is a image slider with many features. ‘Responsive’, ‘CSS3 Transition Ready’, ‘Transition Effects’, ‘Progress Bar’, ‘HTML content inside a slide’, ‘Advanced Preload/Lazyload’, ‘Single Javascript file’, ‘CSS Customizable’, ‘User defined Navigation/Control available’ and ‘Pause on hover’. It support both images and HTML contents.

jQuery mb.CSSAnimate

Animate any DOM element using CSS3

jQuery PieTimer

A CSS3-based pie timer.

Quick Parallax Scroll

A super quick way of putting together a simple parallax background for a page, all using css background-images


jQuery plugin for venetian blind-like banner made of rolling stripes animated with CSS3 3D transforms.


3D for jQuery

jQuery Media Comments

jQuery plugin to add media query support to conventional html comments.