Ion Calendar

jQuery-calendar and datepicker, based on powerful library to work with time – Moment.js


kalendar helps you display a calendar with events, both Google Calendar and custom, on your website.

jQuery countdownTimer

Reverse count down jQuery plugin for displaying countdown as per need. It also displays current local time.

JavaScript Utilities

A suite of utilities for JavaScript and jQuery, which includes tools for validating, text formatting, and other features.

jQuery Date/Time Entry

This plugin sets an input field up to accept a date/time value using a spinner or the keyboard. * Set date and/or time format, including day and/or month names. * Integrates with mousewheel plugin. * Expandable spinner for easier use. * Over 20 localisations.

jQuery Month selector

jQueryUI Widget that enables to display and select a month and year using the mm.itemselector widget

jQuery optimusTime

Transforms a standard date timestamp to a more human readable, relative date.

jQuery Persian Datepicker

javascript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting persian dates System.

jQuery datetextentry

jQuery plugin for date entry and validation (not a date picker). Provides separate fields for day, month and year with immediate feedback for validation errors.

Date Selector

A simple jQuery plugin for date selection.