A lighterweight lightbox gallery module for modern desktop and mobile browsers.

jQuery Confirm

jQuery plugin in order to replace the confirm() javascript method with jquery-ui dialog.

jQuery simpleWindows

jQuery plugin – windows in your browser.

jQuery Popup Selecting

Plugin creates dialogs with selectable elements (elements in container will be selectable). Navigation is performed by using mouse and keyboard.


A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for showing modal less overlays.


This is a free set tip box shows the content (including text, images, etc.), disappear when the tip of the content, prompt box into the popup style optional, configuration of transparency, fades, animation duration, CSS control style and independent and in and out of style, can set a delay, delay, disappear automatically hidden, optional relative … Continue reading


Dynamic popup windows, modals, dialogs, tooltips and notifications for web applications.

JeeGoo Color

jQuery color picker plugin, flexible color picker based on jeegoopopup.

JeeGoo Popup

jQuery popup plugin, lightweight and flexible application popup plugin.