Fire a callback when an element is added to the DOM


Query a selector while ignoring matches within specific nested elements.

jQuery SuperDOM

jQuery plugin for DOM operations in non-XHTML namespaces.

Nucleus jQuery

Nucleus binds your JS logic with the DOM by adding configuration data in the markup


UpDown.js provides a flexible way to traverse through containers and their child elements with either keyboard commands or custom events.

hoe.js – javascript for peasants

lightweight javascript library designed to streamline the creation of user interface in HTML/javascript


Two-way DOM-based databinding for modern browsers

jQuery DOMTimers – Deferred callbacks when DOM loads and renders.

Adds two functions to the jQuery library: $.DOMReady() – Returns a Deferred that resolves when the DOM is ready. $.DOMRendered() – Returns a Deferred that resolves when the DOM has finished rendering the HTML.


jQuery plugin for generating DOM structures concisely.


The jQuery creator plugin Allows you to create your elements using CSS selectors syntax. Don’t use javascript with different syntaxes when it comes to dynamic DOM element creation. Use the same syntax for element querying and creation.