Unified mouse and mobile touch input events

Use this plugin to handle both keyboard-mouse and mobile touch motions with a unified set of events. It is currently being used in a commercial SPA and is featured in the book [Single page web applications – JavaScript end-to-end](http://manning.com/mikowski). Supported motions for both desktop and touch devices include tap, long-press, drag, long-press-drag, and zoom. See … Continue reading

jQuery Scraggable

Enables single- and multi-dimensional (depending on browser) element dragging through the mouse’s scroll wheel.

dragcheck – A jQuery javascript drag checking plugin for checkboxes

The overall goal of this plugin is to provide an easy way for the user to click and drag down to check checkboxes instead of having to slowly click each one. The original use was for checkboxes in the first column of a table with tabular data

JQ Image Drag

jQuery Image Drag plugin like Facebook Cover Picture and Thumbnails.

jQuery Drag-n-Crop

jQuery plugin for cropping images like Facebook cover photo

jQuery Corners Detector

This is a jQuery plugin that can determine the coordinates of corners of a HTML page element. It can look at the element position and return the coordinates of its four corners. The object can check if the element corners are outside the container element coordinates, as well move the element to a new position … Continue reading


Droppable grid for draggable widget.


Minimalistic and efficient draggable plugin for jQuery.

jQuery Draggable

Makes elements draggable.