jQuery Mapael

jQuery Mapael is a jQuery plugin based on raphael.js that allows you to display dynamic vector maps.

Django Superformset

jQuery Django Dynamic Formset Plugin


Forminator works by using class names and data attributes supplied in the HMTL markup to declaratively build dynamic, ajax interfaces.


jQuery plugin that generates a simple slider, that’s highly flexible, feature-rich & mobile ready.


A jQuery plugin that transforms your empty DIV into a dynamic, semi-circular value-meter. 2.6k minified. Works in Chrome35+, Firefox29+, IE9+.

Load embed gist dynamically

If you load your posts which has gist embed dynamically, the plugin is just for you.

Dynamic Widget

Dynamic Widget is a plugin for JQuery UI that automates lazy loading JS and CSS for your JQuery UI widgets without the need to worry about includes.

Dynamic Pagination

A jQuery plugin for managing client-side pagination. Includes a stylesheet for basic styling, and is completely compatible with Boostrap 3’s pagination component.

jQuery dynamicForm

jQuery plugin for dynamic form section (including form field) management.

jQuery Wiper

Dynamic & easy menu for your web site.