DD ScrollSpy Menu

DD ScrollSpy Menu lets you define a menu whose items are automatically highlighted based on the portion of the page the user is currently viewing. Starting in v1.2, you can now also enable a progress bar to be shown inside each spymenu’s menu item to show a progress of how much the user has scrolled … Continue reading

Animelt Plugin

jQuery plugin for complex animations


VintageTxt is a fun little widget that lets you communicate a message to your website’s visitors through a simulated monochromatic, scanlined interface – one character at a time. There is also a styled input prompt to make it semi-interactive. It’s hard to explaing in words, so best just to view the demo. Enjoy!

jQuery tigefa

jQuery plugin for color, effect manipulation and animation support.


A jQuery plugin with smooth effect scroll animation

jQuery jMosaic

A lightweight jQuery plugin that can take a list of page elements and arrange them in a beautiful, tight-fitted tile mosaic grid.

Pull to Refresh

A simple jQuery plugin to perform pull to refresh (p2r)

jQuery Box to Full Width

Animated repositioning of the boxes on the page grid