jQuery imagesScrolling

Jquery plugin images scrolling

jQuery Collage

jQuery plugin to create a collage of images

Modern Blink

Modern Blink provides the behavior of the blink tag using CSS Animations. Will fallback to jQuery Animations in older browsers.


Carousel / Slider Plugin that focuses on ease of use and performance. Very light weight with 0 DOM heavy lifting after initialization of the plugin.


Locks a header to the top of the page only when user is scrolling within it’s parent container.

jQuery ShiftyNav

ShiftyNav provides a unique set of animations for navigation on websites, inspired by the Android apps and widgets screen, implemented similar to jQuery UI Tabs.


Expands the clickable area to an entire table row if that row contains a link.


Media gallery viewer widget with a sliding thumbnail bar – performs transition effects when you move between images and fully supports jQuery UI themes. MediaSlide is similar in UI style to the filmstrip folder view in Windows XP. This plugin supports many different sources for media galleries – it can read galleries directly from your … Continue reading


Mouseover effect that fades in and out

Quick Parallax Scroll

A super quick way of putting together a simple parallax background for a page, all using css background-images