jQuery panelSnap

jQuery plugin that provides snapping functionality to a set of panels within your interface.


The jQuery sticky footer plugin sticks your footer, with or without set height, to the bottom of your page. You can also use the sticky footer plugin to stick other elements to the bottom of their parent.

BEM helpers for jQuery

Provides a set of helper methods to support BEM Methodology (http://bem.info) in your projects.

jQuery jMosaic

A lightweight jQuery plugin that can take a list of page elements and arrange them in a beautiful, tight-fitted tile mosaic grid.


Create a multi=line lists.

jQuery Element

jQuery plugin that provides an elegant way to dynamically create HTML DOM elements from Javascript.


jQuery plugin that makes modular responsive design possible by adding classes to elements based on defined breakpoints.

jQuery El

jQuery plugin to simplify quickly creating HTML elements.


The jQuery creator plugin Allows you to create your elements using CSS selectors syntax. Don’t use javascript with different syntaxes when it comes to dynamic DOM element creation. Use the same syntax for element querying and creation.


jQuery plugin used to replace any chemical element symbols encountered inside the matched elements with periodic table blocks, inspired by the Breaking Bad intro titles.