jQuery Mousewheel Intention

A jQuery plugin that provides a way to distinguish a user’s intentional mousewheel events from smooth scrolling events.


A jQuery plugin to bind events with delay.

WheelEvent Plugin

Allow cross-browser attach mouse wheel event handler


Minimal swipe special event for touch-enabled devices

jQuery plugin that emulates capturing events behavior

“.reggirt()” is “.trigger()”, reversed. You can now trigger events from a top container down to a deep target specified either by a selector or a jQuery collection, for each element in the chain, in the order similar to W3C Events capturing phase but with traditional jQuery event handlers. Prevents events from bubbling back to the … Continue reading


Automatically creates a Javascript handle for all onenter events the same way browsers natively support onclick, onblur, etc.

jQuery Reactify

jQuery plugin that makes browser click events trigger immediately on iOS and Android..

jQuery Touch Hooks

Hook into jQuery fix hook API to copy over touch event properties into jQuery.Event.