jQuery xFilterList

A simple jQuery grid list plugin for easy filter and sorting.

jQuery Mobile filter widget

Generic filter widget for jQuery Mobile, based on listview filter extension.

Filtering Highlight

Simple jQuery plugin support highlight text which is typed in specifed element.

Tree List Filter

Simple jQuery plugin support filtering on hirerarchy tree created by unordered list or ordered list.

Graphics Demo

Provides the ability to generate random textures which can then be used as the basis for natural textures such as clouds, marble, fire, etc for rendering to the canvas. Also provides screen objects that can manipulate the pixels on the canvas directly. Screens can have colour maps applied, can be combined or scrolled to create … Continue reading

jQuery SimpleTableFilter

jQuery plugin for filter the simple tables.

jQuery Search

jQuery plugin for searching DOM elements.

jQuery Advanced Filter List

Configurable jQuery plugin for filtering lists using text input.

List Filter Plugin

$.fn.listFilter plugin is a lightweight jQuery plugin that filters through a set of elements.