Inline Editable Form

jQuery plugin for inline editable form.

jQuery Valideasy

Form validation the easy way.

Auto Save Form script

The most agonizing thing that can happen while filling out a form is accidently losing the entered contents before having a chance to submit it. This can happen if you inadvertently navigate to another page or close the window, among other things, during the process. Well, Auto Save Form script is here to add a … Continue reading

jQuery Enter Submit Plugin

A jQuery plugin to submit a form using enter key on the input fields.

jQuery Iframe Post Form

This jQuery ajax upload plugin creates a hidden iframe and sets the form’s target attribute to post to that iframe. When the form is submitted, it is posted (including the file uploads) to the hidden iframe. Finally, the plugin collects the server’s response from the iframe.


jFluent is a light-weight validation framework for client-side validation. It is a jQuery plugin which can be used in ASP .NET MVC and standard (or mobile) HTML websites.


Given a group of select fields with the same options, SelectUnique will remove an option from the other fields when it’s selected, and put it back when it’s changed.


a ‘text-expander’ for elements — maintain clean, semantic markup on HTML forms