Flot is a pure JavaScript plotting library for jQuery, with a focus on simple usage, attractive looks and interactive features.

jQuery Sparkline

Easily generate small, inline sparkline charts directly in the browser


This plugin provides a simple way to convert HTML data tables to Highcharts graphs.

jQuery Three

A plugin / extension of the jQuery API for 3d objects (using Three.js)

Free charts and graphs for HTML5, JQuery and Javascript

jChartFX is a powerful HTML5-compliant charting component using JavaScript libraries to leverage the power of jQuery, CSS and SVG capabilities to deliver aesthetically superior charts and a richer end user experience, providing the most complete collection of charts and graphs for professional and serious business data visualization and analysis


Why be retina-friendly when you could be SNES-friendly?


dynamoCanvas is a jQuery plugin designed to make it as simple as possible to utilize all of the features of the HTML5 canvas tag.

3D graphics for jQuery

jQuery plugin for creating 3D interactive graphics in X3DOM framework

Graphics Demo

Provides the ability to generate random textures which can then be used as the basis for natural textures such as clouds, marble, fire, etc for rendering to the canvas. Also provides screen objects that can manipulate the pixels on the canvas directly. Screens can have colour maps applied, can be combined or scrolled to create … Continue reading

jQuery Unity3D

One-liner to embed / interact with Unity3D files using jQuery