Minimalistic spreadsheet-like data grid editor that provides copy/paste functionality compatible with Excel/Google Docs

jQuery jqGrid

jqGrid is an Ajax-enabled JavaScript control that provides solutions for representing and manipulating tabular data on the web.


Javascript Pivot Table (aka Pivot Grid, Pivot Chart, Cross-Tab) implementation with drag’n’drop

W2UI: New JavaScript UI Library

Complete set of JavaScript UI widget for development of data-driven web applications. Includes layout, grid, toolbar, sidebar, tabs, forms, fields, popup, overlay

CollagePlus Gallery

An image grid gallery plugin for jQuery.


A CSS3 and jQuery Filter & Sort Plugin

jQuery Shapeshift

jQuery plugin which can arrange a collection of elements into a grid while also providing drag and drop functionality.


Categorize, sort, and filter a responsive grid of items

jQuery Gridly

Gridly is a jQuery plugin that allows for dragging and dropping as well as resizing.


A JQuery plugin to create AJAX based CRUD tables (grids). It supports paging, sorting, selecting, master/child tables, show/hide/resize columns, localization, themes and more.