jQuery UI Puff Effect

Creates a puff effect by scaling the element up and hiding it at the same time.

jQuery UI Explode Effect

Explodes an element in all directions into n pieces. Implodes an element to its original wholeness.

jQuery UI Size Effect

Resize an element to a specified width and height.

jQuery UI Bounce Effect

Bounces an element horizontally or vertically n times.

jQuery UI Fold Effect

Folds an element first horizontally and then vertically.

jQuery Disabler

A jQuery widget that can completely disable or present a read-only view of the content on your page


A jQuery plugin to automatically hide page elements after an ‘expiry’ date and/or time. Great for pages which have upcoming/ongoing event notices or cut-off times for forms and such.

jQuery minTable

jQuery plugin,which allows to minimize (collapse, hide) a long table down to integer row number


jQuery plugin to preventPassTypo’s.

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A jQuery plugin that shows and hides content with a click event.