jQuery highlightText

Simple Text Highlighting via Unobtrusive JavaScript

jQuery Highlight Twitter

A jQuery plugin that allow to share highlighted text on twitter.


A jQuery plugin that adds delight to highlighting elements on a page

jQuery Bulk Select

jQuery Plugin for making child elements selectable supports Ctrl+Click, Command+Click and Shift+Click.

Cross Hairs

jQuery plugin to create a crosshair effect on an HTML table.

Code Callout

Code Callout allows you to create links in your webpages to highlight and comment on a source code listing in the page. When you click a link, the page scrolls to the indicated lines, highlights them, and pops up a note. When you’re done examining the code, you click a button to continue reading where … Continue reading

Filtering Highlight

Simple jQuery plugin support highlight text which is typed in specifed element.

jQuery Marker plugin

Highlighters(or markers) used to highlight and cover over existing writing while still leaving the writing readable. This jQuery plugin supports the highlighting of certain parts of the web page. This is Minimum viable product (MVP) project. But this has a great deal of potential. I’m sure this plugin helps develop your web pages soon.