A jQuery plugin for faster page loads. Part of the formstone library.

jQuery Pusher Plugin

This plugin aims to enable the HTML5 navigation in sites without having to change anything server side. If the browser does not support HTML5 no fallback is provided, the site will be simply browsed in the old way.

jQuery anonymousLists

A jQuery plugin for keeping the history and favorites of unregistered users

uriAnchor: URI state made simple

Use this plugin to manage dependent and independent variables in the hash fragment of the URI. It has been designed and updated over five commercial SPA projects and is featured in the book ‘Single page web applications – JavaScript end-to-end’ ( It provides the capability to make the URI fragment your application state API. Bookmarks, … Continue reading


jQuery plugin to add tab-completion & history on an input, like in a shell.

Three-D Pages

A jQuery plugin that uses CSS3 Transitions to turn simple markup into 3D pages.