Table column events hook.

jQuery plugin used to select the entire table row and column in response to mouseenter and mouseleave events. Wholly supports table layouts that utilize colspan and rowspan.


Apply direction aware 2D/3D hover effect to images

Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp is a jQuery plugin for menus. It creates a div that moves when you hover over an element, giving it an elastic animation.

jQuery Hover Panels

jQuery plugin for displaying alternate content on hover

jQuery Sliding Pop Hover

jQuery plugin Sliding a div over other div on mouse hover.


jQuery plugin that will display custom HTML element on hover over an observed target.

jQuery referenceSection

jQuery plugin to add a reference section to page with a description of each of the selected elements. The description is also shown on the hover of element.

jQuery relocator

Relocator is lightweight jQuery plugin to create photo gallery. this plugin will make the different size images to fit with the specified canvas without ‘size resizing’


A small jQuery plugin that helps you divide an element into four triangles and test co-ordinates on them.