jQuery Fullscreen

jQuery Fullscreen plugin allows you to open any element on a page in fullscreen mode without using Flash in all modern browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera). jQuery Fullscreen unifies Fullscreen API implementations in different browsers and provides fallback for the old ones.

jQuery.h5form – HTML5 Forms Plugin

This plugin gives all browsers the HTML5 forms like the Opera. And this will also fix several bugs of the Internet Explorer on submit, and will allow you to use the button element. This has the large file size for multi-function. However, it binds only the features that are needed by the browser to the … Continue reading

jQuery IE text-shadow

jQuery plugin for `text-shadow` polyfill for Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9.

jQuery Browser Select Dialog

This plugin allows you to show a dialog to upgrade user browser when it is not upto the required specification. This is mainly used to retire older version of IE users to upgrade to later new versions or prompt them to use different and better browser.


Predict and prevent x-clicks. X-clicks are unexpected and tricky click events that are triggered in Internet Explorer only, when the mousedown and mouseup events are triggered on two different elements.