jQuery plugin for image sequence animation. Mainly used for png-animation or 3D product visualization

Lightbox Photo Software – Glossy Template

Software for Web Photo Lightbox. Sticky Notes Style DEMO. Working with web photo galleries is easy when you have Lightbox Photo Software.

jQuery image crop

jQuery image cropping plugin

Simple Slideshow

A Simple Slideshow plugin that creates a slideshow in the background of DIV. It includes lazy but pre-emptive loading of images for best network performance.

Simple viewport plugin

jQuery plugin that provides viewport/porthole

jquery replacesvg

this is a simple svg replacement plugin.

mBox fullscreen lightbox plugin

mBox is a true full-screen light box(modal box) solution. Full Screen feature is supported by most of the popular browsers today like Chrome, Firefox, Safari. But it is not supported by older versions of opera and Internet Explorer. So we apply fullscreen mode in supported browsers and use the full browser area to simulate full … Continue reading