Images Ready

Images Ready waits until the size of certain images is known, then tells you the maximum width, maximum height, and maximum ratio of height to width of all the images. Great for slideshows.

jQuery Collage

jQuery plugin to create a collage of images

Images rotation jQuery plugin

Plugin plays images slideshow when a user hovers the mouse over the image and pauses on mouse out.

jQuery NailThumb

Never resize a thumbnail again. One line of code for creating thumbnails from high-res images, no distortion. Decide thumbnail dimensions directly from CSS. Experience how useful it is in dynamic web applications, where you can face any shape or size.

FILo <> Facebook Image Loader

Load your photos from your Facebook page to your own website using this plugin with a single line of HTML code. No need to upload your photos twice anymore! You can use it for single photos as well as for galleries.


Create a responsive, configurable, endless slider from a list of images. Display content related to the slider’s central image in a sibling div.


A super lightweight lightbox plugin for images in jQuery.


jQuery plugin to create single-page websites with an auto-resizer for images and section.

jQuery Respify

Respify responsive image library. A simple responsive images library, which parses a image from a set of child span nodes with data-media and data-src attributes. It uses media queries to select images.

jQuery Pixel Select

jQuery plugin to allow selection of non-transparent areas of images only or just to check for transparent / non-transparent areas. Also allows to select elements behind transparent areas of overlapping images.