Edit in place (inline edit) plugin with possibility to create your own input types.

jQuery Calendar

This plugin allows developers to implement an extremely flexible calendar interface, with very little effort. The calendar plugin can render a Day, Week, Month and Resource calendar view. The plugin also provides an interface for manipulating and formatting dates and times.


Takes legacy inline JS (i.e. “onclick” and “href=’javascript:…'”) and creates event handler(s) to be run around the inlined code.

jQuery tryonline

An autocomplete control with only one line interface (No dropdown|select|combobox control). Ideal for compact designs

jQuery Inline CSS Styler

A jQuery plugin that converts CSS styles into inline styles


Creates inline styles from your CSS sheets.

Inline Editable Form

jQuery plugin for inline editable form.

jQuery noInput

A jQuery plugin for displaying inline labels similar to HTML 5’s placeholders, that lets you style the placeholder text.


Small jquery library to allow users to edit the content of any html element by using the contenteditable attribute.