jQuery Visibly

A jQuery Plugin designed to easily show elements based on values of other elements.

jQuery Enter Submit Plugin

A jQuery plugin to submit a form using enter key on the input fields.


.once() method for adding behaviors or classes once.


A jQuery plugin developed to be a flexible interface with any SPARQL database.

jQuery Pane

A jQuery UI widget which allows you to present entry points (or windows) into your data that can be served up from a server action or from static HTML (similar to a portlet in portal technology). Backed by jQuery’s AJAX libraries, each pane acts independently from other panes — achieving a clear separation of concerns … Continue reading


Selectimus jQuery plugin allows to replace standart selects in each browser by identical ones.

jQuery TABGuard

jQuery plugin for limiting number of elements that will take focus on pressing TAB.

jQuery Micro

jQuery Micro is Pico/Nano like editor


jQuery plugin to mark elements that have been focused on.