Selectimus jQuery plugin allows to replace standart selects in each browser by identical ones.

jQuery TABGuard

jQuery plugin for limiting number of elements that will take focus on pressing TAB.

jQuery Micro

jQuery Micro is Pico/Nano like editor


jQuery plugin to mark elements that have been focused on.


jQuery plugin that change the background and the opacity of an input field creating a nice effect

jQuery aboutWhen

jQuery plugin for accepting partial or approximate dates, for cases where users have incomplete information that you want to capture.


The jQuery plugin that provides interactive drop-down list box. Such as dropdown includes checkbox, text-input, etc…

Idako Password color & validation

jQuery plugin that allows you to colorfully represent a password, and apply security acceptance filters.

jQuery Case Change

jQuery plugin to change case of a given text with different options.


A mostly-CSS-with-a-bit-of-jQuery micro-plugin to emulate the placeholder attribute for contenteditable divs. The placeholder text cosmetically resembles an input’s placeholder. All markup used is valid. The placeholder text does not appear in the DOM. The placeholder text disappears when the `div` contains any text or when it has input focus.