jQuery Instagram

Select and show a list of Instagram photos.

Instagram Lite

A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to display a user’s Instagram photos.


A lightweight jQuery image slider / carousel plugin that populates content from an Instagram hashtag or username.

Linkify URLs, mentions & hashtags

Linky is a jQuery plugin for linkifying URLs, mentions (for Twitter, Instagram or GitHub) and hashtags (for Twitter); that is, taking plain text references of URLs, mentions and hashtags and turning them to the appropriate links. Existing linkified URLs are kept untouched.

jQuery insta-bam

‘Respect the feed and tame the filter!’ — easy scraping, filtering, adding classes based on params (likes, comments, …), adjustable template for your results and more!

jQuery InstaPull

jQuery plugin for pulling Instagram photos according to tag and likes into a specified container.


jQuery plugin that appends Instagram photos on an element with some basic effects