Overscroll is a jQuery Plugin and polyfill for mobile safari’s overflow-scrolling style. It is intended for use on desktop browsers.

iOS App Switcher

Deeplink all your social profiles to native iOS apps


The jQuery iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) Contact List with Sticky Headers.


Replace your checkbox with this toggle button à la iOS. This toggler replaces the checkbox (which gets hidden far away from the viewport). Attributes on the original checkbox define the labels appearing in the toggler, but you can also define theses labels globally. Accessibility is kept, the toggler can be switched with the space bar … Continue reading

jQuery Touch

Drag, scale and rotate elements during touch.

jQuery Touchslider

A lightweight mobile-ready touchslider.

jQuery Add to Home iOS Plugin

jQuery plugin to automatically show an ‘Add to Home’ message at the bottom of the page.

jQuery Reactify

jQuery plugin that makes browser click events trigger immediately on iOS and Android..

jQuery Flappy-Bird

Flappy bird is an easy-to-embed single-line JavaScript plugin that will add this epic game to your webpage.

jQuery SumoSelect

SumoSelect is a jquery plugin which beautifully renders a single or multiple HTML select element. it can be used for any device e.g for a android device the select will open the default android select popup and vice versa for other devices, and also if it fails to identify the device then it works according … Continue reading