jQuery Filter JSON Plugin

A jQuery utility that allows you to filter a JSON based on properties.

jQuery Cool Table Plugin

very very cool jQuery plugin for creating tables with sorting, filtering, custom cell rendering, custom css and custom sorting support.


jQuery plugin for dispaying JSON responses on a Table.


A very simple, very small jquery plugin to create a HTML Table from JSON data, with paging sorting and hideable columns


A simple jQuery plugin that takes a JSON or XML string and makes it colorful and easy to read.

jQuery slideshow

Slideshow based on transition objects, and custom html structure.

Zabuto Calendar

jQuery plugin for Bootstrap to add a month calendar to your page.

Erff Json Tree

Erff json tree is a small jquery plugin (minified version is only 3.3kb) that can create a treeview from json data with lazy loading support


Football (soccer) widget – matchday, today’s rounds, team of the day, etc.

jQuery Form Serializer

Simple and powerful form serializations with jQuery