A jQuery plugin to exempt selected form fields from the forward tab order.


A simple and accessible jquery tree plugin that’s built from nested unordered lists. The plugin supports access via mouse, keyboard, and assistive technologies via ARIA roles and attributes

jQuery Keypad

This plugin attaches a popup keyboard to a text field for mouse-driven entry or adds an inline keypad in a division or span. * Customise keypad content. * Preset keyboard layouts. * Randomise key positions. * 10 localisations.


This jQuery plugin make any elements in a container navigable with the keyboard. A class attribute “active” is added to the active element. By default, UP and DOWN arrows and ENTER are enabled in conjunction with the CTRL meta key (i.e. you must hold the CTRL key and DOWN arrow to move down for example). … Continue reading

Responsive Carousel

Simple and friendly responsive carousel plugin for jQuery. This library accept any type of content, single or multiple visible elements and multiple galleries in one page. Also, you can navigate with swipe (using hammer.js) and keyboard arrows by default, customice autoRotate options and more!

jQuery Keycut

Simple keyboard shortcuts.


When you intend to use a button in your HTML use a button, not a div, span, or anchor. However, if you can’t use this plugin.


Easiest way to do browsable lists with keyboard

jQuery Traverse

jQuery widget that adds keyboard navigation to an HTML table

On-Screen Keyboard

A jQuery plug-in which provides users with a fluid-width on-screen keyboard.