jQuery Video Lightning

Turn any element into a lightbox or popover link for Youtube and Vimeo videos.


Magneticmediajs is a library that allows media content (images, videos, maps, HTML & more) to be displayed efficiently and with style

Stackbox Modal Dialog

jQuery plugin for creating stackable modal boxes.

jQuery Minlight

Minimal Lightboxes made to work with CSS animations and transitions

flipLightBox – Responsive Lightbox jQuery Plugin

A Responsive Lightbox that is extremely easy to implement and doesn’t require any additional stylesheets, scripts or libraries. Its main feature is an optional flip effect as each lightbox image opens and closes. Another optional feature is a toggled slide text bar and navigation to accompany the lightbox images.

jQuery HTML5 Lightbox

jQuery plugin to create simple modal lightboxes using the HTML5 data attribute.

ABigImage – view big versions of images

Fit mobile devices. Uses CSS3 transform and transition for smooth touch sliding. Touch slide left or right opens next or previous image, touch slide up or down closes image. Clicking image opens next one, clicking left side opens previous, clicking right side closes image. Hotkeys for next, previous and close buttons. Closing after viewing of … Continue reading

Simple Rotating Banner

A very simplistic rotating banner with only a handful of options, meant to be extremely easy to use and lightweight.


The lightbox reimagined. Fully responsive HTML5 image galleries.