jQuery getCSS

jQuery plugin for dynamically loading of external css files.

Dynamic Widget

Dynamic Widget is a plugin for JQuery UI that automates lazy loading JS and CSS for your JQuery UI widgets without the need to worry about includes.

jQuery Fadeloader

The jQuery Fadeloader plugin lets you easily implement a preloader to your site or section, using a cascade fade in effect to show specific blocks of content.

jQuery getScriptOnce

A jQuery plugin that prevents a script from being loaded more than once via $.getScript()

Smooth Image Loading

A jQuery plugin to load images sequentially, thereby ensuring smoothness of prevalent loading animations.


Find out when your images have loaded – imageloader provides callbacks, chainable syntax and control over whether images are loaded syncronously, asynchronously or asynchronously with a maximum number of requests

jQuery Lately

A very lightweight jQuery plugin to lazy load images.

jQuery onAppear

Triggers an appear event, indicating an element is now within the window or any scrollable element’s viewport.

Load embed gist dynamically

If you load your posts which has gist embed dynamically, the plugin is just for you.