jQuery Lazy – Delayed Image and Background Loader

The fast and lightweight Lazy plugin for jQuery loads specified images and backgrounds in view after the page itself and speed up your loading time through this. Images outside of the visible area will only be loaded when the user scrolls to them in any direction. This will not only increase the page loading speed, … Continue reading

Qoopido Emerge

jQuery plugin to react on elements entering or nearing the visible area.

Qoopido Lazyimage

jQuery plugin to lazy load images.


A youtube inspired, simple, lightweight jQuery plugin to visualize ajax progress.

jquery imgpreloader

this is a simple image preloader plugin.

jQuery Loader Plugin

This little jQuery plugin is used to add a loading popup. This could be usefull for ajax calls, and it’s really simple to use !.


Ajax modal loader for supporting jQuery themes

Loading Dots

jQuery plugin to show a set of three loading dots for ajax request

Rotating Loader

jQuery plugin for append a rotating loader in a div.Loader can be stopped at any point or percentage.