jQuery Storage API

jQuery Storage API is a plugin that simplify access to storages (HTML5) & cookies, add namespace storage functionality and provide compatiblity for old browsers with cookies!


Remember and restore form state using localStorage

jQuery Phoenix

jQuery plugin to save form fields values to Local Storage via HMTL5 Web Storage API. Lost connections, crashed browsers, broken validations – all these shit loose forms data you’ve filled in with love and care. Phoenix keeps bad things away from forms. It saves form fields values to your browser Local Storage using HTML5 Web … Continue reading


A jQuery plugin for automatic webstorage.

jQuery EZStorage

jQuery plugin for simple interaction with HTML5 Storage, local and session, and/or cookies.


jquery.liga.js no sólo es un plugin para JQuery, es toda una suite de funcionalidades que facilitan el desarrollo de aplicaciones web, posee funciones para arrojar ventanas de alerta, preguntas, localStorage, notificaciones, validación de formularios, envíos ajax y gestión del historial.


Makes for easy caching of image files in the browsers LocalStorage or other offline storage. Can be bound elements or parents.

jQuery Form Validation

Adds some very customisable, nifty jQuery validation to your forms and allows you to post the form with Ajax (entirely optional!). Works with all types of inputs, but specifically: `text`, `textarea`, `email`, `select`, `radio`, `checkbox`. Features customised validation fields, ajax posting, localStorage saving, email domain checker and more!

jQuery Sessionstorage

The client-side storage for every browser, on any device.

jQuery Elephant

jQuery Elephant is a form plugin for storing form data in localStorage so that it persists across page loads.