A tags manager, with this plugin a input field is used to collect tags and rendered as tags.

Tag Manager

A jQuery plugin to create tag input fields, which works nicely with Twitter Typeahead.js and Twitter Bootstrap

jQuery finderSelect

jQuery Plugin for activating file explorer type selecting to all elements supports Ctrl+Click, Command+Click, Ctrl+Drag, Command+Drag and Shift+Click.

jquery scenemanager

this is a simple scene manager plugin.This plugin makes easy to execute function when the top of element reaches the waypoint (default waypoint is the middle of viewport).

popupMgr: Simple and Customizable Popup Manager

$.popupMgr manages different layers of popups on a page. You might have a popup for alerts, another for dropdowns, and another for general messages. You also may not want two dropdowns to be open at the same time. $.popupMgr ensures this.