jQuery imageMask

This jQuery plugin will allow you to add simple image-mask to your images.

jQuery Mask

jQuery plugin put maskes in inputs, that supports mobile

jQuery Validarium Plugin

Simple, easy and extensible form validation

jQuery Disable Autocomplete

This jQuery plug-in enforces the autocomplete=off HTML attribute on password (and other) fields. Recent browsers have chosen to ignore this attribute in favor of user preferences. However, some financial (and other) institutions may have good reasons to enforce this practice.

jQuery TABGuard

jQuery plugin for limiting number of elements that will take focus on pressing TAB.

Graphics Demo

Provides the ability to generate random textures which can then be used as the basis for natural textures such as clouds, marble, fire, etc for rendering to the canvas. Also provides screen objects that can manipulate the pixels on the canvas directly. Screens can have colour maps applied, can be combined or scrolled to create … Continue reading

jQuery MaskIt

jQuery plugin for masking input fields.

pliantmask – Flexible field masking.

A flexible field masking plugin. Originally part of Pliant, but it’s now separate for easier use.