jQuery UI Menu

Creates nestable menus.


jQuery plugin for creating side menus and the easiest way for doing your menu responsive

jQuery mmenu

The best jQuery plugin for app look-alike on- and off-canvas menus with sliding submenus for your website and webapp.

jQuery contextMenu

full featured context menu handler capable of handling thousands of elements

jQuery Multi-Level Push Menu

Cross-browser compatible jQuery plug-in allowing endless nesting of navigation elements.


A tiny jQuery plugin for creating off-screen slide panel navigation.


A jQuery plugin for responsive navigation. Part of the Formstone Library.

jQuery Superfish Menu Plugin

Superfish is a jQuery plugin that adds usability enhancements to multi-level drop-down menus. Fully supports touch devices and keyboard interaction.

Kwicks for jQuery

Sexy sliding panels with an emphasis on navigational interaction.


Advanced jQuery website menu plugin. Responsive and accessible list-based website menus that work on all devices.