Accordion Image Menu

This plugin allows to create an accordion menu using the images as background. It allows multiple animations effects like: swing, circ, back, bounce, etc using the jQuery UI Effects.

jQuery tekmenu

Whith tekmenu, you can generate dynamic menus, really easy to use and optimized for SEO.

jQuery Quiccordion

An extremely quick, simple, lightweight, recursive accordion menu plugin

Audero Context Menu

Audero Context Menu is a cross-browser jQuery plugin that allows you to show a custom context menu on one or more specified elements.

Menu Options

jQuery plugin that can create menus (menu items can be URLs or a JavaScript function) under most DOM elements or a select list under any input=text element. Menus can be mutil-column and can include images for a more user friendly experince. Select lists appear when hovering over an input element. Click an item and it … Continue reading

jQuery Dock Menu

jqDock is a jQuery plugin that transforms images into a Mac-like Dock menu, with icons that expand on rollover. Configuration allows for : horizontal or vertical alignment, with proportional image expansion from an edge or mid point; positioned labels; different small and large images; size and sensitivity adjustment; initial expansion, instant freeze, inactivity timeouts, and … Continue reading

jQuery menuFlip

Create flipping navigation and menu links on hover with this small jQuery plugin.

Simple Menu Slider

A simple JQuery plug-in to create a slider on the navigation menu


The jQuery section menu plugin creates a side menu that allows you to scroll to the different sections on the page.