HTML file inputs suck…


Bind to the `multiclick` event, a custom DOM-like event generated using jQuery’s Special Events API. The `multiclick` event triggers when the user clicks within the bound element a configurable number of times.

jQuery Each Selector

Select in the DOM multiple elements with complicated/complex selectors to do the same action in all


An interface to add and remove a repeatable group of input elements.


A jQuery plugin that adds delight to highlighting elements on a page

jQuery Grab-Gets

jQuery plugin for grabbing GET parameters from url and put, select and check elements of selected form


a simple,light-weight datepicker plugin for jquery.


jQuery plugin to handle selecting ranges of checkboxes via Shift+Click (and more)

Amazon Side Bar Menu

This menu models itself after the side bar menu found on to provide a flexible, content-rich fold out menu. It supports infinite number of sub menus. In addition, the menu is responsive in smaller screen and mobile devices, by stacking the sub levels when revealed on top of its parent to conserve space. A … Continue reading

jQuery simpleComplete

jQuery plugin autofill autocomplete.