The jQuery Plugin for generating nav links from page elements


Layouts your HTML5 article for you and provides easy cursor navigation and an overview map.

jQuery Tocible

A lightweight jQuery plugin for creating table of contents navigation menu.


A jQuery plugin for simple slide-out mobile navigation. Part of the Formstone Library.

jQuery Herotabs

A tiny (1.2k gzipped), fully accessible tab switcher for jQuery. Useful for standard tabs and also ‘hero’ style tabs often found at the top of websites to display content.

jQuery Context Menu

Simple, small, yet powerfull and easy to use jQuery context menu for right / left clicking on something.


jQuery.tabbed() navigation is a light-weight jQuery plugin for handling tabbed navigation with minimal markup.


A simple jQuery plugin which turns a single page into a collection of screens with animated navigation.

jQuery Superclick Menu Plugin

Superclick is a jQuery drop-down menu enhancement plugin sharing many of Superfish’s features but focusses solely on click events to open and close submenus.


Smooth scrolling visual navigation menu