jQuery ShiftyNav

ShiftyNav provides a unique set of animations for navigation on websites, inspired by the Android apps and widgets screen, implemented similar to jQuery UI Tabs.


The jQuery section menu plugin creates a side menu that allows you to scroll to the different sections on the page.


jQuery plugin for fragment scrolling with URL manipulation and support for fixed headers.

jQuery Accordion

A multifunctional and lightweight accordion plugin for jQuery.

jQuery Matt Tabs

A simple, unobtrusive jQuery plugin for creating tabbed interfaces.


When you intend to use a button in your HTML use a button, not a div, span, or anchor. However, if you can’t use this plugin.

Compass Rose

CompassRose is a radial navigation/orientation plugin

jQuery Panelize

A jquery plugin that allows a user to navigate an image by using an HTML image map.

jQuery stickUp

A jQuery plugin which makes it easy to create a sticky element or navbar. Has anchor features for one-pagers, as well as more.

JeeGoo Context

jQuery contextmenu plugin, powerful and highly extensible jQuery context menu.