jQuery Matt Tabs

A simple, unobtrusive jQuery plugin for creating tabbed interfaces.

jQuery menuFlip

Create flipping navigation and menu links on hover with this small jQuery plugin.


An abstraction on site navigation. When using website analytics, window.location is not sufficient due to the referer not being passed on the request. The plugin resolves this and allows for both aliased and parametrised URLs. I also provide an API helper method, which enables quick and simple ReSTful URL building capability.

jQuery ShiftyNav

ShiftyNav provides a unique set of animations for navigation on websites, inspired by the Android apps and widgets screen, implemented similar to jQuery UI Tabs.


The jQuery section menu plugin creates a side menu that allows you to scroll to the different sections on the page.


When you intend to use a button in your HTML use a button, not a div, span, or anchor. However, if you can’t use this plugin.

Compass Rose

CompassRose is a radial navigation/orientation plugin

jQuery Panelize

A jquery plugin that allows a user to navigate an image by using an HTML image map.

jQuery stickUp

A jQuery plugin which makes it easy to create a sticky element or navbar. Has anchor features for one-pagers, as well as more.

JeeGoo Context

jQuery contextmenu plugin, powerful and highly extensible jQuery context menu.