jQuery simple notification plugin

jquery plugin, provides simple notification (with timeout and close button). jQuery UI themes compatible. Localization support.


The notify plugin makes displaying notifications easy.

Web Notification Fallback

A jQuery plugin to gracefully degrade when using the new HTML5 web notification api.

3D Drop In Notifier Panel

3D Notifier lets you broadcast important information to your visitors using a drop down panel that appears at the top of the page. It gently scrolls the page to the top before revealing the panel in a 3D fashion. The panel contents can either be defined inline on the page, or entirely inside an external … Continue reading

jQuery Growl

A Growl like notification plugin for jQuery originally written for jQuery 1.2 and updated for jQuery 1.10+. The latest version comes with a Bootstrap 3 example.

jQuery Toasty

jQuery plugin for showing highly customizable message toasts.


Dynamic popup windows, modals, dialogs, tooltips and notifications for web applications.