jQuery Bank

A library for building bank account forms, formatting and validating inputs.

jQuery incrementer

Improve user experience by selecting numbers

jQuery Spinner

Small (< 100 lines) and lightweight implementation of a spinner for selecting numbers by clicking +/- or by typing. Supports validation, arrow keys, min and max constraints and is unobtrusive.

DP Number Picker

A jQuery plugin that easily allows the user to select or enter a number.

jQuery Numerator

A jQuery plugin to easily animate numbers.

jQuery NumAnimate

A jQuery plugin that gradually tweens one numeric value to another and displays it in the specified DOM element.


A lightweight jQuery plugin that counts up to a targeted number when the number becomes visible.

Numeric Input plug-in for jQuery

A simple jQuery plug-in which sets an (input) element to only allow numbers.


A jQuery plugin usable for making a numeric textfield value easy to increase or decrease.